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Giving makes us feel good. Through giving we address the needs of others, foster friendships amongst neighbors, and help build a stronger community. More

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Riverside Junior Woman's Charity (RJWC) owes a great deal of appreciation to its generous donors. Our sponor's support makes a substantial difference in our philanthropic efforts. To give, click the below "Donate" button or to learn more about contributing to the organization, visit our "Sponsors" page. 

FOURTH OF JULY: FIND OUT the winner of the theme contest!

Summer is special in Riverside. Sit back and soak up every last drop. Enjoy ice cold drinks, fresh vegetables and long evenings. Take leisurely strolls, play kick the can and listen for the ice cream truck. Stay tuned for exciting new events and updates from RJWC. We'll make your summer even brighter.  

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