Riverside Junior Woman's Charity strives to build a stronger community by fostering friendships amongst our neighbors, addressing the needs of others and improving the quality of life in our township and the surrounding areas. 


Our History

The Riverside Junior Woman's Charity (RJWC) has a rich history dating back to the 1930s. In 1937, Lorraine Bender, of Riverside, turned the concept of a young woman's club into a reality. She and 35 other Riverside women met at Miss Bender's home and formed the Riverside Junior Woman's Club. Download an infographic outlining some of our exciting facts and figures.

80 years later, RJWC is still a vital part of the Riverside community. In 2009, the organization successfully worked to modify its' status to a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. As a legally recognized charity, our members continue to improve the quality of life in Riverside and the surrounding areas by identifying the needs of its' residents, promoting those needs, and encouraging charitable support within the community to meet those needs. 

With focus on friendship and service, members remain loyal to the charity. RJWC currently has over 35 active members, over 30 associate members (five - nine years of service), and more than 15 honorary members (ten or more years of distinguished service).

To read a complete history of our organization, download "Riverside Junior Woman's Charity: Our History".

Board Of Directors

To contact the RJWC Board of Directors, e-mail board@riversidejuniors.com. Click on an individual board member's name to contact the individual.

Vice President of Community Outreach
Vice President of Fundraising
Vice President of Member Services
Vice President of Operations

You Make It Happen

Riverside Junior Woman's Charity (RJWC) owes a great deal of appreciation to its generous donors. Our sponor's support makes a substantial difference in our philanthropic efforts. To give, click the below "Donate" button or to learn more about contributing to the organization, visit our "Sponsors" page. 

Fundraising and Community Outreach

Over the years, RJWC has supported Riverside by arranging clothing and supply donations to local charities, organizing youth events and actively caring for community members through meals and service. To learn more about our fundraising and community outreach programs, visit our "Contact" page for a complete list of our committees. 

Philanthropic Efforts

Each year the active members of the Riverside Junior Woman's Charity vote to support a list of organizations and individuals with a charitable contribution. The following organizations received support in 2015-16, totaling $21,350.


Youth Services
Riverside Recreation Dept.'s Touch-A-Truck
Buddy's Place
Riverside Little League
Riverside Recreation Dept.'s Games 4 Girls
Youth Crossroads
Local Children with Longterm Medical Needs

Senior Services
Aging Care Connections
People Care
Cantata Best Life Foundation

Community Services/Activities
Riverside Arts Center
Riverside Township Food Pantry
Riverside Arts Weekend
Eagle Scout Project
Riverside Friends of the Fourth
Riverside Public Library
Riverside Police: Crossing Guard Program
Riverside Welcome Committee
Hauser Junior High Food Drive
Riverside Springs Ahead

Social Services
Community Support Services
Feed Our Community Day
UCP Sequin Services- Riverside Homes
Still Missed
Constance Morris House
Helping Hand
LaGrange Saturday Soup Kitchen
CatNap Animal Rescue
Wellness House
Hines Veterans' Hospital
Bogan's Quarters

Education Services
Riverside Junior's Annual Scholarship
School on Wheels
Robert Crowne Health Education
District 96 + 208 LADSE Program
Jen's Kids