Wear it to win it!


Wear it to win it!

This summer, Riverside children will get ‘caught’ wearing your bike helmet ten times and be rewarded with prizes!

RJWC is instituting a new program to promote bike safety among children. Specifically, we are advocating for kids K-8th grade to wear helmets while riding their bikes. Seems like a simple premise, but developing proper habits at a young age is important for long-term health and safety.

            In late April and early May, participants will receive a sticker to place inside their helmet, similar to a frequent-shopper rewards card. It will have space for 10 ‘buys’ or ‘visits’ at a Riverside establishment. When a child visits a participating location with their helmet (and bike), an employee will ‘validate’ their sticker with a stamp provided by us. Children who get all 10 spaces filled will then be entered into a raffle for a special prize (to be determined) at the end of summer, at Cori’s Kid Triathlon in August.

  • What? Put this sticker in or on your helmet and get it stamped when you ride to a Riverside business.

  • Who? K through 8th grade

  • When? Now through the end of August

  • Where? Riverside Foods, Aunt Diana’s, EmpanadUs, Riverside Parks and Recreation at the Water Tower, Riverside Garage, Riverside Public Library, Riverside Swim Club and Stella’s Batting Cages

Free to participate! After collecting 10 stamps, bring your sticker to Parks and Recreation and be entered into a drawing for prizes, such as an Air Pod and a Kid’s Fitbit. Winners will be drawn on August 24 at Cori’s Kids Triathlon.