Become An Annual Sponsor

If your business or organization is interested in making a financial contribution to Riverside Junior Woman's Charity, please contact us.  Donation levels range from $250 to $1,500+ and will give you advertising exposure throughout our year in various print and online outlets!

Donate to our Events

Have a product or service that you would like to contribute to Riverside Junior Woman's Charity?  Our events are made successful by keeping costs as low as possible, as such we benefit a great deal from donations of space, food, drinks, and other services such as rental equipment, transportation and printing.  We also hold raffles and auctions throughout the year, which impact our annual fundraising significantly.  If you have a product, service, event tickets, or other 'prize like' offerings that you or your business/organization would be interested in contributing to our raffle and auction collections, we would be very grateful. Please contact our solicitation chair at